Visions and Values


Believing, Achieving and Caring Together

As a Church of England School we place the child at the centre of all we do.  We welcome children and families of all faiths and of none.  Our work is motivated and inspired by our core Christian values which are lived out on a daily basis by children and adults in the school.   We provide a caring, nurturing learning environment in which all children can achieve and grow together.


Our Core Christian Values are



 I can show my love by sharing and being kind to everyone even if they are not my friend



 I will be thankful for what people do for me and the things I have



 I can be honest and take pride in all that I do and always try to make the right choices



 I can think about things that are important to me and share what I believe



 I will value and celebrate the world and those around me



 I can learn from when things go wrong and keep on trying