Home School Agreement

Chesham Bois CE School


Our Home/School Agreement


Believing, Achieving and Caring Together


As a Church of England School we place the child at the centre of all we do.  We welcome children and families of all faiths and of none.  Our work is motivated and inspired by our core Christian values which are lived out on a daily basis by children and adults in the school. We provide a caring, nurturing learning environment in which all children can achieve and grow together.


Our vision and values are deeply rooted in the bible and inspired by Matthew 19.14

“Let the little children come to me. Don’t stop them, because this kingdom of heaven belongs to children like these.”


Believing, Achieving and Caring Together


We believe that a close partnership between the school, parents and the child is essential to support our vision and live out our core values of; Love, Faith, Respect, Integrity, Thankfulness and Resilience.  We therefore ask all parents to sign up to our Home/School Agreement.


The Responsibilities of the School


At Chesham Bois CE School we will:



  • Provide a secure, happy and stimulating learning environment where our core Christian values lead our way.


  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum which challenges your child to reach their potential, builds resilience and prepares them for the next stages of their education.


  • Encourage your child to show love and respect for others and to abide by the school behaviour policy, ensuring a safe, caring environment for all.


  • Provide you with a written report once a year and regular opportunities for you to see your child’s work and termly opportunities to discuss their progress with the teachers.


  • Contact you if there is a problem concerning health, behaviour, attendance or punctuality.


  • Set regular and appropriate homework for your child.


  • Be open and welcoming and provide opportunities for you to become involved in the life of the school.


  • Allow children safe and secure use of the Internet through a combination of site filtering, supervision and by fostering a responsible attitude in all pupils, in partnership with parents.


The Responsibilities of the Parents/Carers


All parents/carers will:


  • Having chosen Chesham Bois CE School for your child, accept the school’s aims and Christian values, positively supporting the school.


  • Recognise and encourage your child’s achievements.


  • Treat all staff, governors and the wider school community, including our neighbours with respect.


  • Ensure that your child attends school regularly and arrives at school within your set drop off time (currently organised by surnames) each day in full school uniform and is properly equipped.


  • Notify the school before 9.00am by telephone in the event of absence, stating the reasons for the absence.


  • Arrange for the prompt collection of your child during your set collection time (currently organised by surnames).


  • Support the school’s policies and guidelines on learning, behaviour and uniform, both in school and at home.


  • Participate in parent/teacher meetings to discuss your child’s progress.


  • Support your child with homework that is set, including reading.


  • Keep us informed of how to contact you in case of emergency.


  • Promptly inform the school of any concerns or problems that may affect your child’s learning, behaviour or happiness.


  • Support school in the teaching of safe and secure Internet use at home.


  • Not arrange holidays during term time.


The Responsibility of the Child


I will try my best to:


  • Wear my school uniform with pride, remembering that I represent the school at all times.


  • Come to school every day and be on time – unless I am very poorly.


  • Be respectful towards others and behave in a safe and responsible way, taking care of the school and everyone’s property.


  • Be resilient, work hard and be independent in my learning. Do all class work and homework as well as I can, asking questions when I don’t understand.


  • Show CARE by making the right choices, appreciate and be thankful, reflect on my actions and the world around me and engage in my learning and opportunities.


  • Act with integrity, being honest and thankful.


  • Use the Internet safely as I have been taught in class.


  • Show love to others and have faith in myself.