Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Chesham Bois Staff

Miss Tilbey- Headteacher
Miss Goodenough- Deputy Head
Miss Candy- EYFS Class Teacher
Mrs Wynn- EYFS Class TA
Miss Walker - Year 1 Class Teacher
Miss Corr - Year 2 Class Teacher
Mrs McKiernon - Year 2 TA
Mrs Hassan - Year 3 Class Teacher & SENCO
Mrs Newton - Year 3 TA
Miss Mitterhuber - Year 4 Class Teacher
Miss Mackland - Year 4 TA
Miss Rose - Year 5 Class Teacher
Mrs Quarry - Year 5 TA
Mr Banks- Year 6 Class Teacher/ Senior Teacher
Miss Healey- Year 6 TA
Mrs Groves - Inclusion Manager
Mr Byrne - PE Leader
Mrs Warren- Office Manager, DSL
Mrs Jenkins - School Administrator
Mr Billing - Caretaker
Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Pringle - Midday Supervisors