Chesham Bois CE School



PE Intent


We believe the purpose of Physical Education is to develop children’s enjoyment and skill in physical activity and to introduce them to the pleasures of sport. Physical Education promotes personal, social, intellectual and physical skills and fosters co-operation, tolerance and self-esteem. Physical activity not only improves health, reduces stress and improves concentration, but also promotes correct physical growth and development. Exercise has a positive influence on academic achievement, emotional stability and interaction with others. Therefore, both teachers and children are aware of its importance. We provide the broad and balanced programme of physical education we believe every child should have; with activities designed to be enjoyable, challenging, and achievable. Through the use of a structured PE programme, the children develop their fundamental skills; agility, balance and co-ordination and are given many opportunities to apply these skills in competitive situations, individual and within a team.

The aims of our PE curriculum are:  

  • Follow a broad and balanced PE curriculum fulfilling the demands of the National Curriculum.
  • To ensure every child moving on to secondary school can swim 25m and has basic water skills.
  • Ensure every child has the opportunity to represent CBS in a competitive sports fixture.
  • To develop the fitness of the individual, by ensuring a good pace in lessons and incorporating fitness activities into physical education lessons as appropriate.
  • Develop programmes that meet the needs of all the children, providing equal opportunities – inclusion of SEN and physical disabilities.
  • Involve the outside community where possible - e.g. Sports Day - parents, Clubs, Inter-school matches – working alongside other local schools.
  • Make allowances for children with disabilities and medical conditions through modified and mini versions of games and practices.
  • Provide enjoyable experiences, where positive attitudes of sensitivity, co- operation, competition and tolerance may develop.


Our PE Curriculum, along with PSHE and Science, teaches children about the importance of healthy living and learning about the need for good nutrition. At CBS, we aim for children to develop the necessary knowledge and skills so that they are ready to be successful when continuing physical activity at Secondary school; we work closely with our local secondary schools to understand the provision we must offer for this to occur. Our PE curriculum has a positive impact on their future by developing physically active citizens to benefit their long-term health and well-being.


PE Implementation


At CBS, our PE curriculum is varied and long-term plans ensure that we meet the requirements of the National Curriculum.

All pupils receive at least two hours of high quality PE using our limited outside space or school hall.  All children have a weekly PE lesson with our PE Leader who has sports qualifications through various sporting bodies. During these afternoons, children receive expert coaching to develop fundamental skills through a variety of activities and games suitable to their key stage.


Our PE curriculum is sequenced precisely to ensure progression of knowledge and skills throughout a child’s primary education, thus enabling children to build upon prior experiences and apply these fluently, with confidence. Children also have the opportunity to further these skills at after school sports clubs. At CBS we endeavour to provide a broad range of activities based on children’s interests and new initiatives, whilst also working with parents to identify when a child has an interest and or a clear talent in a specific sport.


Inter and intra sports competitions are offered to all children at the school. Although we enjoy the competitive nature of sport, we also appreciate and encourage the importance of children ‘having a go’ and promote positive experiences of being physically active and not always participate to win.


We have an inclusive approach and value the importance of physical and mental well-being. Children take part in a range of invasion, striking & fielding or net & wall games, we promote imagination and creativity in gymnastics and dance as well as provide opportunities for athletics using both indoor and outdoor environments plus outdoor and adventurous activities.


Physical Education is fundamental in developing healthy lifestyles in young people and at CBS we provide a wide array of opportunities to develop this and sporting skills outside of the normal curriculum time. Regular extra-curricular clubs are very popular and offer a wide variety of sports, including: Football, Netball, Dance, Tennis, Judo, Rounders, Cricket and Cross-Country.


Playtimes are an important part of our pupils being happy, healthy and ready to learn. We have a well-staffed and equipped playground, a sports field, and a newly designed active trail to provide opportunities for children to develop and improve fundamental skills whilst being active during break and lunchtimes.

To develop leadership and communication skills, children in Year 5 children can apply to become a Sports Leader which is a responsible role in encouraging younger children to learn how to play collaborative games, respecting rules and to be as active as possible during playtimes. Children selected are positive role-models for younger members of the school, organising lunchtime games and assisting with regular inter house sports activities. Our Sports Leaders are in addition to our Year 6 House Captains who also support and encourage physical activity at CBS and the organisation and running of our annual sports day.



PE Impact Statement


To fulfil our vision by inspiring a generation, at CBS, we help motivate children to participate in a variety of sports through quality teaching that is engaging and fun. From our lessons, our children learn to take responsibility for their own health and fitness, many of whom also enjoy the success of competitive sports. We equip our children with the necessary skills and a love for sport. They will hopefully grow up to live happy and healthy lives utilising the skills and knowledge acquired through PE.