Please find below a link that explains reading bands for Reception children and which colour band is expected nationally for each age range.


This may help some parents understand how their child is doing in their reading. 

Thank you to all the parents that came to watch our class assembly! The children did a fantastic job and it was so lovely to see them all so confident frown


Our book for this week is: The Gingerbread Man


Our Literacy focuses are:

  • Making lost posters to help find the gingerbread man
  • Writing the story of The Gingerbread Man
  • Talk for writing of the Gingerbread Man


Our maths focuses this week are:

  • Subtracting numbers using objects and pictures
  • Continuing to give one more or one less than a number to 20
  • The challenge for this week is: To use counting back as a method for taking away



We will be recapping: ur, or, ar (as children are still getting confused with these) and will be revisiting: oi and er


Other activities will include: 

Making gingerbread men out of arts and crafts

Building bridges for the Gingerbread man to get across the river safely

Acting out the story of the Gingerbread Man 

Making Gingerbread men in our mud kitchen




This weeks books are: Dear Fairy Godmother, Ugly Duckling, Farmer Duck


This week we will be getting ready for our class assembly next week. Our class assembly is on Fairy Tales and will be on 19th March. We look forward to seeing you there smiley


Our Literacy focus this week is: 

  • Writing simple sentences from the Fairy Godmother to fairy tale characters helping them with their problems in each story.
  • Using our sounds to sound out words so they are phonetically plausible.


Phonics sounds: ur,ar,or,oi,ear

Tricky words: was, they, you, my, are, all


Our Maths focus this week is: Doubling and halving 

  • Sharing and halving objects and quantities
  • Even and odd numbers
  • Doubling numbers to 6

We will also continue recapping numbers from 1-20, counting forwards and backwards and finding one more or one less.


Other activities will be: 

Painting pictures of our ducklings

Making ducklings from rolled paper

Writing letters to fairy tale characters and posting them in our wishing well

Building brick phonics words 


This half term our theme is 'Fairytales'


Our role play is set up as an Enchanted Forest Cafe where all the different characters can come for lunch. Our mud kitchen is set up as the three bears cottage. 


This week our books are: The Three Little Pigs/Superpigs


In our Literacy we will be:

  • Re-telling stories using talk for writing
  • Drawing story maps to sequence stories
  • Re-writing the story of the Three Little Pigs
  • Making lists of food orders in our cafe 
  • Making signs for all of our buildings and designs


In our Maths we will be:

  • Looking at 'longer' and 'shorter' 
  • Ordering different objects from longest to shortest
  • Measuring using cubes
  • Measuring using rulers and cm


In phonics we are learning the digraphs:  ar, or, ur, ow and oi 

Our tricky words are: She,we,be,me,he,said,come,some


Some of the activities we will also be doing are: 

  • Making paper plate pigs and wolves
  • building houses out of sticks
  • acting out the story of the three little pigs using peg dolls
  • making our own houses using large construction outside
  • painting houses outside using water and paintbrushes
  • using our mud kitchen to make food for the three little pigs




Our book for this week - Lunch on a Pirate Ship


In Maths: 

  • We will be continuing our learning of number blocks and how we can break them up into addition friends.
  • We will be solving addition sentences using resources
  • We will be counting on in our head from a number to support mental addition 



In Literacy:

We will be writing a letter to a friend to invite them to our pirate lunch

We will be writing a list of what we would like at our lunch


In phonics: 

Our sounds this week are 'ai and ng'


Other activities: Collaging a picture of a treasure island, writing sounds in slime, making ice cream from shaving foam, cooking slime dinner for the giant, acting out the story in our small world, making jam sandwiches, decorating cupcakes and building pirate ships.

Our book for the week is: Pirates Love Underpants


In Maths we will be:

  • Looking at addition in maths and counting on
  • Looking at number blocks and how these are made up of other number blocks e.g. number block 5 is made up of 3 and 2 
  • Looking at number formation


In Literacy we will be:

  • Drawing treasure maps
  • Designing new pants for the pirates
  • Writing how we would get the treasure from the bad pirates


In phonics we will be:

Revisiting the sounds: ch, qu, sh, th


Other activities: Decorating pants, printing patterns on pants, investigating magnets and acting out the story in our small world 




The children did a fantastic job at our Year R Nativity! smiley Thank you for supplying their amazing costumes and for coming to watch them, they loved it!

Reminder: Please could we have all costumes for the Christmas Production in this week in a named bag. smiley



26th November Weekly Log


Our book for this week - The Gruffalo's Child 


Maths: We will be looking at prepositions, sequencing familiar events and learning the days of the week. 


English: We will be looking at story sequencing, using our sounds to sound out new words and finding rhyming words. 


Helpful website with a game for your child to help with rhyming:


Sounds for this week: ch, sh, th, ng

Tricky word recap: the, go, into, no

New tricky words: he, she, we


Activities: Writing under the tables as if we are in caves, making shadow puppets, re-creating the story with the Gruffalo characters, finding rhyming words and making caves for the Gruffalo and his child. We will also be making our reindeer candles for the Christmas Bizarre.

This weeks learning log


Our books:

Polar Bear, Polar Bear... What can you hear? 

That's Not My Polar Bear


Maths focus:

Which number is bigger? Which number is smaller? Which number is greater? Which number is less? 

Ordering numbers to 10 and 20


Literacy focus:\

Writing CVC and CVCC words e.g. duck, fish, cat, dog, pin, tin

Writing initial sounds for new words

Writing simple sentences by sounding out phonetically


Phonics sounds for this week: f, j, v, w, x, y, z


Activities: We will have a polar bear visiting the school and making a mess. Children will have clipboards to draw the scene, write labels for the scene and write reports of what has happened. We will be pretending that the polar bear has cubs hidden in our class igloo and the children need to write how to care for the cubs.  

Other activities: Making polar bear masks, counting snow balls, playing with snow dough, building igloos, making snowflake pictures and playing with their winter wonderland cuddly toys. 


This week we will also be practicing our class nativity - so could all children please practice their lines :) so children are confident to say these out loud independently. Thank you! 



This weeks learning log

5th November -  9th November


This week our book is 'The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud'. All of our learning this week will be based around this book and polar bears. Children will have the opportunity to: make igloos, play with the Arctic and Antarctic animals, paint pictures of polar bears, print polar bear footprints and find letters in the snow.


Our Maths focus is: Finding one more or one less than a number up to 10 or 20.

Our sounds for this week are: o , l, r , b, e, u, h


Our English focus: Looking at rhyming words and re-telling stories




Our Weekly Learning Log

29th October - Story of 'Stickman' by Julia Donaldson


This week we will be looking at the story of 'Stickman' by Julia Donaldson. Children will have the opportunity to take part in various different activities linked to the story. Some of these include:

-Painting pictures of stickman in the snowy forest

-Making one of the stickman family

-Exploring the stickman small world 

-Writing with sticks

-Painting sticks 


Our focus for Maths is: Counting and adding groups together. We will be learning the + sign and the = sign and what these mean.


Our focuses for English are:

Learning to re-tell a story with actions

Recognising initial sounds in words

Sounding out CVC words


Our phonics sounds for this week are: 

Recapping - s a t p i n m d g o c k 

New sounds: e u r h 

The children have had great fun this week reading the stories about Supertato and his adventures. We have received letters from Supertato and the evil pea every morning with a new challenge. We have had fun trying to capture the Evil pea and put him back in the freezer. We have built traps, designed robots, made hide outs for Supertato, made our own Supertatoes, written wanted posters and acted out in our small world. Luckily we caught the evil pea on Friday and he is safely locked back in the freezer so he can't cause anymore trouble!frown

Children should now be bringing home reading books to read with you at home. Please  can you bring these books back in on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday to be changed. If the child hasn't completed the book then please write a comment in their yellow book and send that in. Children are just beginning to learn their phase 2 initial sounds and may find blending difficult so please be patient with them. Talk them through the pictures and discuss the story - you can always read a part and then them! smiley Happy reading...

Hello and welcome to Receptions class page! 


Here you can find out about all the exciting things that are happening in Year R at school smiley



We have had a busy first few days at school and the children have settled in really well. They have entered the class room with happy faces and have been excited to play and explore the new activities. They are beginning to learn class routines, make new friends and become familiar with their new school. And so far they are doing a fantastic job! 


Here are a few things to remember for the year to come:


  • Please send your child in with a water bottle every day.



  • Fridays - Show and Tell 

Children can bring in something about them to talk about with the rest of the children. To build children's confidence please talk with your child about their toy before they bring it in to share with the class.


  • Remember to book your child's hot meals weekly.


  • Children will soon be coming home with challenges - these are small tasks to complete at home to build on some of the Early Learning Goals.


Please feel free to pop and see Miss Candy or Mrs Wynn if you have any questions or worries. We are always here to help! frown