Curriculum News - Summer Term 2021

Reading Books

Children have started bringing home reading books to practice their segmenting and blending. These books will come home on a Monday and need to be returned on a Friday so they can be isolated over the weekend. Please encourage your child to sound out words independently where possible smiley and model segmenting out loud for children to hear and blend! Thank you.


Letter formation

In class we have started learning how to write our single letter sounds. When writing these sounds we follow rhymes to help children remember the correct letter formation. If you would like to practice with your child then have a look at our rhymes and encourage children to use these when forming their letters at home. Children don't have to pick up a pencil to practice letter formation...they can use their finger in sand, use a feather in rice, a paint brush and water on the pavement or chalk on the floor. There are many different ways to embed letter formation other than picking up a pencil laugh

Phonics Information

We have started our phonics learning in class this week. In our phonics lessons we follow the Letters and Sounds scheme but use other fun activities and songs to support children in remembering new sounds. Please find below a few links that will help you support your child at home with their phonics sounds and reading. 


You may also want to visit these websites for games and activities linked to word reading and sounds children will be learning:


Phonics Games

ICT games

You tube - Jolly Phonics songs (E.g. Jolly Phonics 'a' sound)



The order in which we teach our sounds following the Letters and Sounds program

Learn to Read With Phonics (Part 2) - Pronunciation Guide - For Parents & Teachers

Group 2 set of Phonemes pronunciation guide. Come and connect with my teaching communities on facebook: EYFS & KS1 teachers -

Learn to Read With Phonics (Part 3) - Blending & Segmenting - For Parents & Teachers

I am an Early Years teacher from England, UK. Here I demonstrate blending & segmenting words. I explain the terms, grapheme, phoneme, trigraph, digraph. This...

SATPIN Words | Phonics Blending Modelling

Blending practise using only s, a t, p, i & n. These are the first sounds children learn when learning Phonics. If you would like your child/children to soun...

Transition booklet for new children

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