Year 2

Welcome to Year 2's Class Page!

Class teacher: Miss Mitterhuber (or Miss Mitt!)

Teaching assistants: Mrs Adams, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Mulkern





Spellings (via class page on school website):

Out - Monday

Testfollowing Monday

English (alternating between reading comprehension and SPaG in CGP book)

Out- Monday

Due- following Monday 

Maths (via Mymaths):

Out - Monday

Due - Following Monday

Reading Books:

Out – Friday

Due –Friday

Free Readers

If your child is a free reader, that means they have successfully worked their way through all of the colour bands on our reading scheme, exposing them to a wide range of genres and vocanbulary. 


Now they are a free reader and are able to choose what books they would like to read themselves. These could be chosen from home, our school library or a public library. Although these children will not need to bring in their books for changing each Friday, they do still need to bring in their yellow reading record to show us what they have been reading.


At this point, children can take a little more ownership of their yellow reading records to prepare them for KS2 - they might like to write in it themselves recording the pages they have read and something they have enjoyed about the book. I do encourage parents to monitor this somewhat still; sign your child's reading record each week to show you have seen them reading and children should still be reading aloud to an adult at least once a week as free readers to continue developing expression and fluency. Please also encourage children to read books that will challenge them. You can find our recommended reading lists on the reading curriculum page of our website. 


If you have any questions about being a free reader, please let me know. 

Homework WB 10th June

MyMaths - Sharing 

English CGP Reading Comprehension - P.22-23 The Monkeys and the Crocodile 



'tion' suffix

Please note - year 2 will now have 10 weekly spellings to learn in preparation for year 3. 

























Resources to support teaching spellings at home


In year 2, types of spellings and spelling patterns that children are expected to know continues to increase. As well as further 'common exception words' (words that don't follow the usual rules but are used regularly), there is a whole series of spelling patterns and rules for children to learn. Teachers often find that getting children to learn spellings is one thing but then getting them to use them in their everyday writing is another. All the more reason why children should practise their spellings in different ways and then be given the chance to use them in their writing. In addition, when a new spelling rule has been taught, children need to learn how to apply that rule to all words, not just a list they have been given to learn at home. If you wish to boost your child's spelling ability even further, encourage them to read as often as possible; exposure to lots of words will lead to a better understanding of spelling.

Children could practise their spellings with paint, sand, scrabble tiles - be creative as you like! Below are a few methods of learning spellings which you may wish to try out and I hope you find useful.

Weekly Timetable

Cursive handwriting

Art Week - Year 2 have enjoyed exploring Germany through art and DT

We used fieldwork skills on our Local Area walk in Geography

In DT we experiemented with different nets int he research stage of our free standing structure unit

Yeehaw! We loved our Wild West drama workshop with cowgirl Rachel!

In English, we have learnt about traditional tales from other cultures. Here we are acting out the Aboriginal story of Tiddalik the greedy frog.

DT Food Technology - we designed and made savoury tarts then ate them at our Christmas party!

In DT we practised our food technology skills and taste tested a variety of ingredients

In computing, we are learning to take photographs on the iPads!

In English, we followed instructions to make pizza muffins - yummy!

In science, we observed minibeasts living in different microhabitats in the woodland

RE Art work - Moses parting the Red Sea