Year 2

Welcome to year 2's class page!

Class teacher: Miss Mitterhuber (or Miss Mitt!)

Teaching assistants: Mrs Newton & Mrs. Mac


We have settled really well into life in year 2 this half term and are enjoying being good role models for EYFS and Y1 chidlren as the oldest children in KS1.




Out - Monday

Testfollowing Monday

English (every other week in English homework book)

Out- Monday

Due- following Monday (followed by a week with no English homework)

Maths (via Mymaths):

Out - Monday

Due - Following Monday

Reading Books (2 from school and 1 online from Oxford Owls):

Out – Monday

Due –Monday

Cursive handwriting

We role played the Spanish Armada as part of our Famous Queens topic. We particularly enjoyed learning about the fire ships sent to defeat the Spanish fleet! Then, we wrote letters as Sir Francis Drake to Queen Elizabeth I.

We learnt about microhabitats in science then went to the woodland to see what different microhabitats and minibeasts we could find. We were very excited to come across a frog!

We interviewed Rabbi Neil from the SBJC to ask him all about what it was like to be a leader as part of our RE topic

We enjoyed learning through drama about Diary of a wombat during our English diary writing topic

In science we had fun going for a hunt around the school grounds to find things that are living, dead and have never been alive

We enjoyed learning about the story of Moses parting the red sea in RE and making crafts to represent this