Year 3

Knowledge Organiser - Maya Civilisation

Knowledge Organiser DT- Puppets

Practice for Jubilee Music Week with our keyboards

Iron Age Farmer Day - Celtic Harmony - weaving, bread making, fire lighting and soup making.

Thank you to Amersham Rotary for our lovely dictionaries

Rock Steady Workshop

Year 3 Assembly - Book Week

Atlas work - Introduction to Global Trade

Art Week - Mexican Folk Art

Look at our beautiful kites - Outdoor Learning

Freeze Frame Drama - The Tempest

Science - Investigation of light

Maths Partner work - Fun with 2D Shapes

Knowledge Organiser - Global Trade

Iron Age Knowledge Organiser

Iron Age Occupations - Weaving with different materials

Knowledge Organiser - Stone Age to Iron Age

Knowledge Organiser - Settlements

Christmas Lunch and Father Christmas' visit

Outdoor Learning - The creatures of the wood appear

Partner work in Maths

Knowledge Organiser - The Stone Age