Year 6

Year 6 outdoor art - Mohit wins the prize for resilience and persistence :)

Year 6 - outdoor art - Super work so far Matilda, Lucy C and Jessica

Year 6 Curriculum map

Homework Guidance


Every week English and Maths will be given as homework as well as weekly spellings and daily reading. English homework will be given on a Monday and due back on the Thursday. Maths homework will be given on a Thursday and due back after the weekend on a Tuesday. Homework will be given both as written assignments and electronically.

If there is a legitimate reason why homework cannot be completed then please write a note. Similarly, if your child is spending too long on their homework you can stop them and let me know how long they have spent working on it. In Year 6 we suggest that children spend around 45 minutes per subject in order to properly consolidate their knowledge.


When completing maths homework on mymaths children should aim to spend an equal amount of time on each activity - they should not spend the whole 45 minutes on one activity trying to achieve 100. It is not necessary for the children to get a score of 100, although this is desirable as it signifies that the children have mastered this particular skill. However, if the children manage less than 75 I ask that they come to see me and I can go through the skill with them. 


With Quizlet homework, the children must complete the learn, test and spell mode for their particular set of spellings. We believe that this provides a more enjoyable way to practise the spelling of a word, as well as helping to embed the meaning of the word in the children's long-term memories. They do not need to complete any other mode, but they can if they wish.

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