Year 6

Dear Parents and Carers,

It was wonderful to see to many of you at the assembly this morning, thank you for coming to listen to the children's recount of their residential at River Dart. 



Next week is bikeability week. Children taking part in bikeability may wear PE kit and trainers to school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Bikes and helmets should be brought to school on Monday morning via the large side gate to the right of the school and bikes will be left on the Y6 bank. Please do not ride bikes in the playground and do not take them through the staff car park. Children may leave their bikes in school overnight under the shelter outside the hall; you may want to bring a lock if you want to secure your bike. Chesham Bois School do not take responsibility for any bikes left overnight. All bikes are to be taken home on Wednesday after school.


Young Enterprise

The children have sorted themselves into small groups and are working on a business plan. In their groups they will be expected to make something to sell or organise a game for children in school from Year R to Year 5.


Next week, the children will design a poster to promote their product or game and have time to work on their products / game. Later this month, children in other classes will be invited to bring in a small amount of money and visit the stalls. Following this, each group's float will be collected and counted.


To cover the startup cost of the business, each group is entitled to a £15 loan form the school office. They may bring in receipts up to this amount or can complete a form to request up to £15 cash. Once their loan has been deducted from the profits, the money will be donated to a charity nominated by Year 6.


The children are very excited about this project, and I hope that you will support them in their endeavours

Kind regards,

Sian Harwood


SATS Revision Websites


Here are some exciting websites for you to visit to help get you ready for your up and coming SATs tests in May. The first is a general link to look at past papers. Further down the page are some more subject specific links. Have a go and use them to practice your skills as much as you can - have fun!


If you come across a particularly useful  revision site and think it should be added below then please share it with me and it may appear below!


Past SATS Papers:

KS2 SATs Papers for Year 6 | 1999-2024 | Free Download (


General Revision:


KS2 - BBC BitesizeThis link offers a general revision starting point to support you in your preparation.

KS2 Subjects - Over 300 Quizzes to Play and Enjoy ( These are quizzes in both english and maths


English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling:

Y5 and Y6 statutory curriculum word lists by title (





SATS - Key Stage 2 Arithmetic (

Key Stage 2 Maths | KS2 Age 7-11| Education Quizzes

Clarity Maths

Class teacher: Mrs Harwood

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Farlam

1 to 1 Class Support Assistant: Mrs Duncan - Levy



Spellings (via Google classroom):

Out - Monday

Test – following Monday

English (every week in English Homework Book)

Out- Monday

Due- following Monday 

Maths (via Mymaths):

Out - Monday

Due Following Monday

Reading Comments:

Reading Comments to be written in Reading Diaries daily and brought into school every day. These will be checked each Wednesday.

Year 6 Summer Class Spellings 2024